About SHW

The enterprise was established in 1365, making it one of the oldest industrial enterprises in Germany. Today, the SHW Group is a leading automobile supplier with products that contribute to a reduction of fuel consumption and consequently CO2 emissions.


The graphic shows the two business segments that constitute the SHW Group: Pumps and Engine Components and Brake Discs. Pumps and engine components are manufactured at the two manufacturing sites of Bad Schussenried and Aalen-Wasseralfingen. In Bad Schussenried, pumps and engine components are produced for the passenger vehicles as well as the Truck & Off-Highway sector, and sintered components are produced at the Aalen-Wasseralfingen plant. Brake discs are manufactured by the company at the sites in Tuttlingen-Ludwigstal and Neuhausen ob Eck.

In its Pumps and Engine Components business segment, the SHW Group develops and produces pumps for passenger vehicles and Truck & Off-Highway applications (trucks, agricultural and construction vehicles, stationary engines and wind power stations) and engines components. In its Brake Disc business segment, SHW Group develops and manufactures monobloc ventilated brake discs made from cast iron as well as composite brake discs made from a combination of an iron friction ring and aluminium pot.

Customers of the SHW Group include leading automobile manufacturers, manufacturers of commercial, construction and agricultural vehicles and other automotive suppliers.

The SHW Group currently has four manufacturing sites in Germany, located in Bad Schussenried, Aalen-Wasseralfingen, Tuttlingen-Ludwigstal and Neuhausen ob Eck. With slightly more than 1,250 employees, SHW generated group sales of €406 million in fiscal year 2015.