Brake Discs

In its Brake Disc business segment, the SHW Group manufactures brake discs from cast iron or a combination of an iron ring with aluminium pot. The vast majority of these brake discs is determined for the OEM business, the remaining part is primarily determined for the spare part business of the OEMs.

The SHW Group produces the brake disc castings in its own foundry. Here, defined and assorted scrap iron is smelted in a cupola furnace. According to the requirements of the automotive manufacturers, special additives are introduced during smelting, and the brake discs are cast. Depending on the order, the unprocessed brake disc castings are delivered directly to the respective automobile manufacturer, or processed into ready-to-install components at the Neuhausen ob Eck plant.

The SHW Group is not only a producer of brake discs, it is also a development partner with many years of know-how in engineering, design, simulation and prototype production. This also enables the company to develop individual, special solutions for high-end vehicle series. Development expertise is further enhanced by the company's own test facility for brakes and this provides the basis for further development and optimization for the benefit of customers. The company's main focus here is on constant brake performance and comfort, even under extreme strain conditions, to enhance driving safety.