Pumps and Engine Components

In the Pumps and Engine Components business segment, the SHW Group produces pumps for different application sectors including oil pumps for combustion engines (also in variable design), pumps for automatic gearboxes, vacuum pumps, water pumps, camshaft phasers, balancer shafts, diesel fuel pumps and electric motor pumps. The pumps are assembled at the plant in Bad Schussenried. The SHW Group also produces further CO2-relevant engine components. At the plant in Aalen-Wasseralfingen, parts made from sintered steel and powder metallurgic aluminium are manufactured. In the powder metallurgy method, the powdered aluminium or steel is pressed into the relevant form. In special furnaces the components are then heated until the individual powder particles on the surfaces melt (sintering). Structural components made from sintered aluminium are distinctive for their especially low weight.

Apart from pumps used for applications in passenger vehicles, the company also manufactures pumps for so-called Truck & Off-Highway applications. In this sector various types of pumps are produced for trucks, agricultural and construction vehicles, as well as stationary engines and wind power stations.