Research & Development

Automobile manufacturers are regularly facing new technological challenges. This makes them a significant driving force behind the research and development activities of the SHW Group. To fulfil the requirements of customers and the market as a whole, the company works continually on new technologies and product solutions. Here the focus is on quality, safety and environmental protection, as well as on production requirements and economic efficiency.

The engineers, technicians and experts from the SHW Group work hand in hand with customers on the development of products to solve complex problems in automobile manufacturing. A leading role is played here by the materials and production methods used for developing state-of-the-art lightweight components.

The research and development team keeps a permanent eye on the latest trends and long-term developments. The company's many years of experience enable it to continually develop innovations in the Pumps and Engine Components business segment, optimize existing products and constantly improve technology, most especially in the Brake Disc business segment. The prerequisites for innovation are provided here by intelligent selection and development of materials, metallurgical process engineering and its concrete application in manufacturing processes for series production, the company's own prototype construction, and generously-designed testing facilities.