Brake Discs

Brake Discs

Brake hard – brake with SHW

The idea: High Performance brake discs with the highest quality standards
The partner: SHW Brake Systems

Brake discs from SHW have set the benchmark from the very beginning

They are continuously improved to meet the latest requirements, such as longevity, weight and braking comfort.

Product variety with quality

SHW develops and manufactures brake discs not only for German manufacturers of premium automobiles but also for European and American car makers.

SHW’s lightweight composite brake disc sets the industry benchmark in terms of comfort and weight. SHW is working steadily on improving its production process and the brake discs themselves.


Brake discs are safety parts. For this reason, they must meet the most stringent quality specifications and be able to be traced back to production.
During operation, temperatures can reach 700°C. To ensure that no cracks develop due to temperature fluctuations, the demands placed on the raw casting are extremely high. In an effort to reduce CO2 emissions, the customers of SHW are increasingly shifting to lighter brake discs. This pushes the envelope of permitted tolerance constraints, which in turn raises the quality standards placed on a stable process to manufacture reproducible raw castings.


SHW Brake Systems develops and manufactures high-performance brake discs as a technology leader and is actively involved in shaping the future of brake discs.


In the Brake Discs division we develop and produce products from the casting technology area

Lightweight composite brake discs

As with monobloc brake discs, the key feature of the design is a cast iron friction ring. However, the iron pot is replaced by an aluminium pot, which leads to a significant weight reduction.


Brake drum in motor vehicles have gradually been replaced by brake discs over the decades.

Processed brake discs

After minimising internal stresses, brake discs are machined into ready-to-install components and coated for practically every kind of application.

Unprocessed brake discs

Unprocessed brake discs are ventilated brake discs which transport 75% more thermal energy than solid brake discs.

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