Corporate News




2021-04-01: SHW AG: publishes its Annual Report 2020 and forecast for 2021


2020-12-15: SHW AG: Early extension of the Executive Board appointments of Wolfgang Plasser and Thomas Karazmann
2020-08-28: SHW AG: Business acitivity remains firm in a difficult market
2020-06-30: SHW AG: Virtual Annual General Meeting of SHW AG successfully convened on 23 June 2020


2019-08-27: SHW AG Prevailing against a challenging market environment
2019-06-06: SHW AG Joint statement of Management Board and Supervisory Board
2019-05-17: SHW AG Free trade continues on the Munich stock exchange


23.11.2018 – Thomas Karazmann appointed CFO
17.10.2018 – SHW AG: Outlook for the fiscal year 2019 determined by a slower ramp-up of Chinese activities and the transition to WLTP
27.07.2018 – SHW AG: Back on the growth path
09.05.2018 – SHW AG: First major order as a systems supplier pf e-pumps underscores innovation leadership
08.05.2018 Press release Annual General Meeting 2018
12.04.2018 – SHW AG: Joint statement of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board
09.04.2018 – SHW AG: Chairman of the Supervisory Board Georg Wolf steps down
30.01.2018 – SHW AG: Groundwork laid for significant revenue and margin growth 


10.11.2017 – SHW AG decides to switch to the General Standard – close orientation to the follow-up obligations of the Prime Standard
26.10.2017 – SHW AG: Outlook for the full year 2017 confirmed
07.08.2017 – SHW AG reinforces its competitive position in the field of electromobility
19.07.2017 – SHW confirms meeting with Stefan Pierer
27.06.2017 – SHW AG: Management Board does not consider the bid price announced by Pierer Industrie AG to be appropriate
15.06.2017 – SHW AG: Announcement of a voluntary takeover bid from Pierer Industrie AG
24.03.2017 – SHW AG: Internationalisation the decisive growth driver
10.05.2017 – SHW AG: Annual General Meeting resolves dividend payment of € 1.00 per share
03.05.2017 – SHW AG: Outlook for the full year 2017 confirmed
27.02.2017 – SHW AG: EBITDA margin improved to 10.7 per cent in the fiscal year 2016


10/26/2016 – SHW AG: Sales and earnings forecast for 2016 confirmed
09/30/2016 – SHW AG: First major order from world’s leading manufacturer of fully electric vehicles
08/31/2016 – SHW AG: Martin Simon appointed as Chief Financial Officer
05/03/2016 – SHW AG: Significant margin improvement in the first quarter
03/24/2016 – SHW AG: Focus on capital-efficient and profitable growth
02/24/2016 – SHW AG: Result within target range – operating margin stabilises at previous year’s level
02/10/2016 – SHW AG: CFO Sascha Rosengart is leaving the company


12/01/2015 – Strategy “SHW 2020”: Returning to the path of profitable growth
10/28/2015 – SHW AG: Stable outlook for 2015 – rigorous focus on efficiency
09/21/2015 – SHW AG: Focus on profitable growth
05/12/2015 – SHW AG: Dr.-Ing. Frank Boshoff appointed as new Chief Executive Officer as of 1 July 2015
04/30/2015 – SHW AG: Sales and EBITDA in target range despite operational pressure
03/16/2015 – SHW AG: Fiscal year 2014: milestones achieved for future capital-efficient growth
02/18/2015 – SHW AG: Successful completion of capital increase to be used for capacity expansion
02/17/2015 – SHW AG: International growth secured into the next decade – first large global order won for Europe, North America and China
01/27/2015 – SHW AG: Joint venture negotiations with Shandong Longji successfully completed


10/28/2014 – SHW AG: Full year sales and earnings forecast confirmed
07/25/2014 – SHW AG: Full year sales and earnings forecast raised
06/02/2014 – SHW AG and Shandong Longji Machinery Group have signed a framework agreement to draw up a joint venture contract
03/17/2014 – SHW AG to propose stable dividend of EUR 1.00 per share
02/13/2014 – SHW AG reaches sales and earnings targets and projects continued growth for fiscal year 2014
01/22/2014 – SHW AG achieves record quarterly sales and order intake figures


12/05/2013: SHW shares to be included in SDAX with effect from 23 December
11/27/2013 – SHW AG: Chairman of the Supervisory Board Anton Schneider to step down at end of the year – Georg Wolf proposed as his successor
10/21/2013 – SHW AG achieves record quarterly sales and earnings figures
05/23/2013 – SHW AG: Dr. Thomas Buchholz appointed as new CEO of SHW AG
05/15/2013 – SHW AG: Dividend of €4.00 per share decided by the Annual General Meeting
05/07/2013 – SHW AG confirms full year forecast after a challenging first quarter
05/07/2013 – Sascha Rosengart appointed new CFO of SHW AG
04/30/2013 – SHW AG: CEO Dr. Wolfgang Krause leaves SHW AG
03/11/2013 – SHW AG: Total dividend of € 4.00 per share intended
02/12/2013 – SHW AG reaches sales and earnings targets despite difficult market environment in Europe
01/17/2013 – SHW AG generates sales at the upper end of the projected band width


11/08/2012 – SHW AG reports rising sales and earnings
09/28/2012 – SHW AG: One-off proceeds in the mid double-digit million range from sale of stake in Canadian STT
08/06/2012 – SHW AG confirms positive outlook for 2012
03/27/2012 – SHW AG: dividend payment of € 1.00 per share
02/15/2012 – SHW AG reports record figures for the financial year 2011
01/11/2012 – Continuing strong growth for SHW AG


11/10/2011 – SHW AG reports strong growth in the first nine month of 2011
08/12/2011 – SHW on the road to further success in H1 2011
06/16/2011 – SHW AG plans listing on 30 June 2011
06/03/2011 – SHW intents to go public